Join us at ICT 2015 in Lisbon

Join us at the session presented jointly by the ACDC (Advanced Cyber Defence Centre) and SWEPT (Securing Websites through malware dEtection and attack Prevention).

The session aims at explaining and demonstrating security solutions developed in SWEPT, a European project that integrates different security mechanisms and tools for automatically mitigating web site attacks, maximizing the security posture of websites with a minimum intervention of website owners and administrators. Joining forces with ACDC provides the opportunity to show how existing and upcoming solutions can join the ACDC infrastructure to reach out to users and to not only deploy solutions but integrate these in a network of ACDC support centres. In parallel, ACDC will showcase different solutions that have been made available to detect, mitigate and prevent botnets. 

 ACDC and SWEPT partners are proposing an inter-stakeholder networking session aiming at sharing the cyber-solutions with a wide range of stakeholders. The session will include demos and easy to understand examples.

This networking session is jointly proposed by ACDC and SWEPT, and will link to the exhibition booth submitted jointly by ACDC and CYSPA. The exhibition booth which is focused on showing cyber-communities at work in Europe will showcase results from 3 completed projects (ACDC, CYSPA and IPACSO) and of SWEPT as an on-going project.