SWEPT at ICT 2015 in Lisbon


ICT Event is a major event organized by the European Commission which took place from 20 to 22 October in Lisbon, Portugal. It offered to more than 6000 visitors the possibility to "Innovate, Connect, Transform" our digital world.


Enclosed the ICT Event 2015, SWEPT and AC-DC projects organized the session “Multi-facet Protection of Websites: the European Way” (see the info here), aiming at explaining and demonstrating security solutions developed in SWEPT.


The session was jointly proposed by AC-DC and SWEPT, and linked to the exhibition booth submitted jointly by AC-DC and CYSPA. The exhibition booth which is focused on showing cyber-communities at work in Europe showcased results from 3 completed projects (ACDC, CYSPA and IPACSO) and of SWEPT as an on-going project.


With this session, ACDC and SWEPT partners used the interaction with stakeholders from research institutions and academia, IT security industry and Policy Makers to publicise the results and available solutions. For the SWEPT project, the aim was to use the feedback to improve its capabilities. The session therefore provided an important opportunity for a wide validation of the identified research challenges and to discuss the developing roadmaps. After the actual presentation, SWEPT partners talked to attendees to get the overall impressions and ways to improve the project.


Tecnalia and S21sec organized and attended the session.