SWEPT Advisory Board meeting

The SWEPT Advisory Board was constituted at the beginning of the project and it is formed by several important stakeholders related to the project and collaborate with the SWEPT consortium. It offers advice and guidance to the project in the matters belonging to any of the advisory board members’ competence.

During the second year, once the developments have progressed, SWEPT partners have held different meetings with Advisory Members to show the main outcomes and get their feedback. The first of these meetings took place in Brussels on 17th January 2016.

As this was the first Advisory Board meeting, an overall presentation of the project was made, focusing on the following topics:


§   Objectives of the project

§   Prevention part

-          Application layer

-          Network layer

§   Detection part

§   SWEPT portal

§   SWEPT label

§   Web Information Flow Control

§   Exploitation


Besides this, some demos were also shown for a better understanding. These demos are the following:


§  Integration of HDIV within the Symfony web application framework (PHP)

§  SWEPT protection testing against Acunetrix vulnerability Scanner

§  Montimage Monitoring Tool, used in SWEPT Project for prevention measures in Network Layer

§  Practical demonstration about how SWEPT portal works



The background of the attendees included technical and business capabilities, so that the feedback provided were focused on both areas.