Presentation and workshop at Enpresa Digitala

SWEPT partners have been promoting the project at Enpresa Digitala (Zamudio, Bizkaia) on 7 April 2016. This event was targeted to the different group of stakeholders identified during the project.

The first part of the conference was aimed to present the project to the audience, trying to cover the most relevant issues. This presentation was structured in the following parts:

  • Background
  • Prevention
  • Detection
  • WIFC
  • Swept Label
  • Exploitation
In general, audience, which was around 40 people, was very receptive to the offered messages.

Afterwards, a workshop was organised to receive the attendees' feedback. People was divided in three groups according the type of company that they represented and were asked for their general impression, things to be improved, etc. The received feedback was very productive, and it is planned to continue working on this basis.