AMIS d.o.o. It is Slovenia's second largest ISP, with huge resources dedicated to development and deployment of state of the art internet services. They employ more than 160 people, with companies in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. AMIS is leading alternative telecommunication company in Slovenia servicing residential and business market. More than 60.000 users on broadband ADSL or fibre access are using contemporary services of high end IP Telephony, broadband access, IP based television, remote storage and different types of online security.

AMIS differentiation was traditionally based on stability and reliability, technical advantage, customer support excellence, permanent introduction of new services all resulting in excellent value for money offer. In 2009 AMIS introduced first alternative nationwide 3-play offer combining local loop unbundling and wholesale access. Amis IPTV 2.0 was introduced as platform for next generation TV services based on content-on-demand functionality integrating internet like functionalities with TV experience.