CSIS Security Group A/S is a privately held stock based corporation founded in Denmark in 2003. In 2006, CSIS fused with IT security company Bridicum A/S and, thus took over patents and licenses dating back to 1999. The company has offices in Copenhagen and Skanderborg and currently comprises ca. 35 employees, who serve an international customer base. CSIS hasdata centers across three continents andproduct installations in more than 60 countries. This enables us to attract and retain Denmark’s leading profiles within the field of IT-security, who, on a daily basis, follow the IT criminals’ actions. The knowledge gained from this is then used to develop optimum IT security solutions ranging from secure online presence (in the form of the product ‘Secure DNS’), to penetration and vulnerability testing tailored to the needs of high-demanding customersfrom the private, public and financial sector.

In 2012, CSIS was authorized to use the CERT mark by the Carnegie Mellon University. Thereby, we joined an exclusive group of organizations involved in handling security breaches and actively responding to a variety of cyber threats. For many years, our flagship business products have been anti e-crime solutions, since CSIS assists a wide range of financial institutions and other large organizations in combatingelectronic crime. One of the core values of CSIS is discretion in dealing with sensitive customer data. This confidential and trustworthy cooperation results in a very productive data exchange that is of great benefit for the development of our products and services, ‘Secure DNS’ being one of them. Last but not least, CSIS is by far the most frequently quoted source on IT-security in Danish media and we do our best to use this position to increase public awareness about sensible behaviour on the Internet.