How SWEPT works?

Alberto Berreteaga (Tecnalia) explains how the SWEPT solution works and other details about the SWEPT project



SWEPT Portal

Practical demonstration about how SWEPT portal works



HDIV - Java Web Application Security Framework

This video presents the SWEPT protection testing agains Acunetrix vulnerability Scanner


SWEPT - Symfony

This video presents SWEPT integration of HDIV within the Symfony web application framework (PHP) providing support both for Parameter tampering protection as well as editable data validation protection


Montimage Monitoring Tool

Montimage Monitoring Tool, used in SWEPT Project for prevention measures in Network Layer


Web Information Flow Control (WIFC)

Various attacks are launched against a website without HDIV protection and a website (the same)  protected with HDIV. In the first case, the attack is not detected and the web application returns a wrong results while in the HDIV protected website, the attack is detected and shows a WIFC output with information about this attack.